Tim Kendall is a Major League Baseball Scouting Bureau certified scout and professional/semi-professional coach/player. He has played and/or coached in the Caribbean, Europe, Canada and Latin America. As a scout, he has covered games in the Northeast region in addition to helping run showcase events. In 2016, he assisted the Pittsburgh Pirates in preparation for the June amateur draft. In 2022, he assisted the New York Mets in the Caribbean.

As an instructor, he has worked with several rep and travel teams and shared his knowledge with players of all ages as well as fellow coaches and instructors. While proficient in all areas of the game, he takes special interest in hitting, specifically from a biomechanical perspective and is certified by Driveline.

In addition, Tim is a retired professional wrestler and has used his experience in this field to bring an emphasis on strength and conditioning to players he works with.

Tim hopes to serve as an ambassador for the game of baseball and to share his passion, expertise and love of the sport on an international level while developing elite athletes and creating professional and educational opportunities for players.